SPY×FAMILY: The Forger family appears on “anan” Anya’s eyes sparkle at the “reward”! Also includes interviews with voice actors

It has been revealed that the Forger family that appears in the anime "SPY x FAMILY" will appear in the special edition of women's magazine "anan" (Magazine House) issue 2381, which will be released on January 17th. Anya and Bond appear on the cover of the same issue, while Loid and Yor appear on the back cover. Newly drawn front and back cover illustrations have been released. The cover has the theme of "reward" and depicts Anya with shining eyes in front of sweets, and Bond looking at Anya happily. The back cover depicts Loid and Yoru's "tea time."

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The same issue features “SPY x FAMILY CODE: White”. It includes interviews with Takuya Eguchi, Atsumi Tanezaki, Saori Hayami, and Kenichiro Matsuda, who play the four members of the Forger family, as well as comments from guest voice actors Tomoya Nakamura and Kento Kaku. The appendix is a "Fun Kazoku Ryoko sticker" using illustrations from the movie version.