Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure: Episode 45 "The Gentle Young Lady Of The Underg Empire" Transported to Skyland 300 years ago Girls' Generation Kaizerin

The 45th episode "The Gentle Young Lady Of The Underg Empire" of " Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure'' , the 20th installment of the popular anime ``PreCure'' (ABC TV/TV Asahi) series will be broadcast on December 17th at 8:30 a.m.

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Sora, Mashiro, and Ellee are sent to Skyland 300 years ago and see Princess Elleelain  transformed into Cure Noble, and then head to the Punibird village that was attacked by Ranborg. There, Cure Noble drives away Ranborg and the others, and Kaiser, who leads the Underg Empire, also retreats.

Sora and his friends return to the capital and work together to restore the city. Kaizerin, who was a young girl, was watching this and had doubts about her father Kaiser's methods, so she went to see Ellein. Kaizerin and Ellein talk, and Kaizerin promises to "persuade Kaiser." When Ellein says, "I believe Kaizerin's words," Sora and the others are surprised at how different it is from the Kaizerin they know. Though confused, Sora and his friends send Elrein to Kaiser, saying, ``Let's believe in Kaizerin, which Elrein believes in.''

The motif of "Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure" is the endlessly expanding "sky," the theme is "hero," and the keyword is "the world that expands through knowledge." The story depicts the activities of Pretty Cure, set in two cities: Skyland, a world in the sky, and Solaseed City, surrounded by nature.