Street Fighter & Tekken: Collaboration with UNIQLO “UT” Ryu and King T-shirts, as well as valuable hand-drawn setting screen T-shirts from “Street Fighter II”

It has been announced that a T-shirt collection in collaboration with the popular fighting games ``Street Fighter'' and ``Tekken'' series and UNIQLO's T-shirt brand ``UT'' will be released on February 26, 2024. T-shirts with themes such as "Street Fighter II" and "Tekken 2", which are popular among the series, and the latest works "Street Fighter 6" and "Tekken 8", will be on sale.

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``Street Fighter'' will feature T-shirts with past illustrations of the main character, Ryu, as well as T-shirts with hand-drawn setting screens by the original ``Street Fighter II'' game development team.

The ``Tekken'' lineup includes T-shirts with the main character of the first ``Tekken'' on the front and all the hidden characters on the back, and t-shirts with the popular character King from ``Tekken 2'' printed on them.

There are 6 types in total, each priced at 1500 yen.