Oshi no Ko: Collaboration with Licca-chan Licca-chan with the image of Ai appears

It has been announced that "Oshi no Ko x Licca-chan", a collaboration between Takara Tomy's dress-up doll "Licca-chan" and the TV anime "Oshi no Ko'' will be released on March 29, 2024. "Dream Tomica SP Oshi no Ko Concert Truck", which is a collaboration with Takara Tomy's minicar "Tomica", will also be released in 2024.

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"Oshi no Ko x Licca-chan" is Licca-chan based on the image of Center Eye of the idol group B-Komachi. It also recreates her hairstyle, idol costume, rabbit hair accessory, and the striking star in her eye. A two-color wig was used to get close to Ai's distinctive hair color. The costume's skirt was made with a particular focus on volume and different materials for each layer in order to recreate the gorgeous costume that appears in the anime. Gloves, shoes, etc. are included. The price is 6,600 yen.

The "Dream Tomica SP Oshi no Ko Concert Truck" comes in two varieties: B-Komachi concert truck and a concert truck featuring Aqua and Ruby. The container section of the truck opens and the parts unfold like a live stage. The top of each truck features the series' logo, and the back of the container features the Ichigo Productions mark that appears in the series. Each truck is priced at 880 yen.