ONE PIECE FILM RED: Box office revenue exceeds 20 billion yen with encore screening, attracting 14.5 million people

It has been revealed that the box office revenue of the animated movie version of Eiichiro Oda's popular manga ``ONE PIECE'', ``ONE PIECE FILM RED'' (directed by Goro Taniguchi), exceeded 20 billion yen. The film had a long run of 177 days from August 6, 2022 to January 29 of this year, and was a huge hit, with box office revenue of approximately 19.7 billion yen and audience attendance of approximately 14.27 million people. Encore screenings were held from October 20th, and the box office revenue was approximately 300 million yen, totaling over 20 billion yen. The number of spectators exceeded 14.5 million.

The highest record for the movie series of "ONE PIECE" has been updated. This set Toei's highest record, surpassing the record set by the 1990 film ``Heaven and Earth'' (directed by Haruki Kadokawa), which grossed approximately 9.2 billion yen at the box office. The film was a big hit, and it became a hot topic that Toei's annual box office revenue in 2022 hit a record high of 32,563,660,000 yen. This is a significant improvement over the previous record of 17,980,250,000 yen set in 2009. It ranks 8th in the domestic box office rankings.