Dragon Ball DAIMA: Goku and Vegeta have become smaller! What is the meaning of “DAIMA”, which fights with Nyoi-bo? New anime teaser video released

A teaser video for ``Dragon Ball DAIMA'', a completely new series of the popular anime ``Dragon Ball'' based on Akira Toriyama's manga, has been released on YouTube. For the new work, original author Toriyama was in charge of the story, character design, settings, etc., and the images featured smaller versions of Son Goku and Vegeta.

Mr. Toriyama drew the settings such as vehicles, monsters, and mob characters. It is said that Goku became smaller due to a "certain conspiracy," and Toriyama commented, "Goku may be nostalgic for fighting with the Nyoi-bo after a long absence to compensate for his small size."

The new anime will be released worldwide in the fall of 2024. The anime commemorates the 40th anniversary of "Dragon Ball," and will be the first new anime series in about six years since "Dragon Ball Super," which ended airing in March 2018.