Tekken 8: Popular overseas figures “Game Dimensions” will be released in Japan

Figures of Jin Kazama and King, who appear in the popular game "Tekken 8" (Bandai Namco Entertainment), will be released. Released as "Game Dimensions -TEKKEN- JIN KAZAMA" and "Game Dimensions -TEKKEN- KING" from the "Game Dimensions" (Bandai) series. "Game Dimensions" is a popular figure brand that has been developed for overseas markets, and will be released domestically in conjunction with the release of "Tekken 8" on January 26, 2024. Total height approximately 17 cm. The price is 4,620 yen each.

"Game Dimensions" is a figure brand that aims to recreate game scenes by modeling based on game CG. A representative from Bandai explains, ``We worked with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create realistic figures based on the game's CG.'' You can recreate the character's game scenes and attack effects using the included wrist replacement parts and effect parts. More than 20 joints throughout the body are movable, allowing for dynamic actions.

“Game Dimensions -TEKKEN- JIN KAZAMA” will be released in January 2024, and “Game Dimensions -TEKKEN- KING” will be released in March 2024. Reservations are being accepted until October 12th on the website ``Asobi Store''.