Nako Momotsuki: "Shangri-La Frontier" cosplay performance

Nashiko Momotsuki, who is active as a model and actor, appeared in the 43rd issue of the manga magazine "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (Kodansha), which was released on September 27th. To commemorate the broadcast of the TV anime series "Shangri-La Frontier" currently being serialized in the same magazine, Momotsuki will be featuring a charismatic model who attracts teenage girls. He performed a cosplay of Arthur Pencilgon.

*Credit (title omitted)

Photography: Tatsuya Ida ▽ Hair and Makeup: Sayoko Kurihara ▽ Stylist: Mutsumi Kanno (Realla) ▽ Costume Direction: Eriko Tanaka (Realla) ▽ Design: Kazuya Sakagami (banjo)