World Cosplay Summit: British representative wins for the first time, showing off "Magi" cosplay

The final competition of "World Cosplay Championship 2023" to determine the world's best cosplayer of the world's largest cosplay festival "World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2023" will be held in August at Aichi Arts Center (Higashi Ward, Nagoya City). , won by the British team. This is the first time that the British national team has won the tournament. She performed in cosplay of "Magi The Kingdom of Magic".

Second place went to Latvia, who performed in cosplay from "The Legend The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," and third place went to Mexico, who performed in cosplay from "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII."

The winning British team dressed up as Ren Hakuryu and Judal from ``Magi: The Kingdom of Magic'' and recreated famous scenes.

WCS is a cosplay festival that started in 2003. The championship is a contest in which representative cosplayers from around the world, dressed as characters from Japanese anime, manga, games, and special effects, participate in teams of two and compete on the perfection of their cosplay and performance. It has been held since 2005. This year, teams from 33 countries and regions that made it through the preliminary rounds participated in the finals.

◇World Cosplay Championship past winning countries
2005 Italy
2006 Brazil
2007 France
2008 Brazil
2009 Japan
2010 Italy
2011 Brazil
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Not held in 2020
2021 Germany
2022 Stage Division France, Video Division Sweden