Shinkalion: Change the World: The mysterious black bullet train turns out to be Phantom Shinkalion! Glow-in-the-dark toys to be released

It has been revealed that the mysterious black Shinkansen that appears in the new TV anime "Shinkalion: Change the World" in the "Shinkalion" series is a Shinkalion called Phantom Shinkalion. The black Shinkansen appeared in the opening video and became a hot topic among fans. The story and cuts from episode 6 "The Fate that Started Running," which aired on May 12, were released, revealing the true identity of the black Shinkansen.

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The black Shinkansen is called "Phantom" and appears suddenly, breaking through space. It is thought to act as some kind of trigger, as it always appears before the appearance of the unidentified enemy, the Unknown. Its body is enveloped in an eerie aura, appearing and disappearing like a ghost. The front car of the black Shinkansen transforms into the Phantom Shinkalion. The Phantom Shinkalion is capable of versatile combat, making full use of its weapons, the Phantom Dagger, Phantom Blaster, and Phantom Gauntlet. It unleashes powerful slashes with the Phantom Gauntlet Sword, which is a combination of the three pieces of equipment.

It was also announced that the Phantom Shinkalion toy "Shinkalion CW Phantom Shinkalion" (Takara Tomy) will be released in late June. For the first time in Takara Tomy's "Shinkalion CW" series, it will glow in the dark thanks to its phosphorescent paint. It can be combined with three other Shinkalion toys.

In "Shinkalion: Change the World," the main character, Taisei Onari, and a junior high school driver pilot the Shinkalion developed by the Super Evolutionary Railway Development Organization, commonly known as ERDA, and confront unknown enemies, the Unknown, that appear in various parts of Japan. The Shinkalion, which Taisei and others ride, is combined with a reinforced armed vehicle modeled after an actual work vehicle. This is the first time in the series that Shinkalion is combined with a vehicle.

It is broadcast every Sunday at 8:30 am on TV Tokyo.