Red Cat Ramen: Episode 2 "Hana-chan's Professionalism" "Tiger in the noodle making room" Human Tamako is in the washing area, but Hana is against it.

The second episode of the TV anime "Red Cat Ramen", based on the manga by Angyaman currently being serialized on Shueisha's manga app "Shonen Jump +", entitled "Hana-chan's Professionalism" and "Tiger in the noodle making room", will air on TBS at 11:56 pm on July 11th.

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The store manager, Bunzo, asks Tamako to work in the washing area during evening business hours. Hana objects, saying that the presence of humans will ruin the concept of the store. Then Sasaki appears and tries on a costume for Tamako to wear to the store.

"Red Cat Ramen" is set in Red Cat Ramen run by cats, where a human named Tamako is put in charge of looking after the cats. The story depicts the "cat patterns" glimpsed through brushing, and the human relationships woven by the various customers. Kenjiro Tsuda plays the cat manager, Bunzo.