My Hero Academia: The Movie "Your Next" to be released in 136 theaters, the largest number ever, including large format screenings

It has been announced that the latest film version of the anime "My Hero Academia", "My Hero Academia: You're Next" (directed by Okamura Tensai), will be screened in large format. In addition to the regular version, IMAX, MX4D, 4DX, and Dolby Cinema versions will be screened from August 2, the release date of the film. The total number of theaters will be 136, making it the largest release in the history of "Hiroakka" theatrical version. A special video depicting the battle scene and a new visual, "IMAX Exclusive Visual," have been released.

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The character designs and cast for the Gorrini Family, a mysterious giant organization led by Dark Mite, were also announced. The Gorrini Family are original characters for the movie, and together with Dark Mite, an enemy villain who looks just like All Might they plunge society into chaos. Minako Kotobuki will play Deborah Gorrini, Masaki Terasoma will play Bruno Gorrini, Yusuke Kobayashi will play Paulo Gorrini, Yuki Yuki Ono will play Camille Gorrini, Michitake Kikuchi will play Simon Gorrini, and Uoken will play Ugo Gorrini.

The latest work is the first animated film in about three years since the third animated film "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission" released in 2021. It is set in the same timeline as the seventh season of the TV anime, and a major event that will shake the world occurs just before the final battle between Deku and the other heroes and the villains. Kenta Miyake, who plays the hero All Might, will play the dual role of Dark Might, the villain who looks just like All Might.