Ojamajo Doremi: 25th Anniversary Cafe to Open for a Limited Time Theme "Rainbow Magic"

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the broadcast of the popular anime series "Ojamajo Doremi," it has been announced that the theme cafe "Ojamajo Doremi Cafe 2024 ~Rainbow Magic~" will open in Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka from August 1st.

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The theme is "Rainbow Magic," and the menu will feature character-inspired dishes such as "Doremi's Taco Rice Bowl" (1,490 yen), "Momoko's Pineapple Burger" (1,590 yen), and "Onpu's Donut Parfait" (1,590 yen). Through a fan voting project, the "Rhythm Tap Tart" (1,690 yen) will be revived and served from the 2020 theme cafe menu.

The "Cotton Candy Drink" (990 yen each) is a carbonated drink inspired by the colors of the characters, with sugar in the character's color hidden inside the cotton candy, and is drunk with the soda that comes with it.

Other goods on sale include acrylic key chains (770 yen), acrylic magnets (715 yen), and tote bags (2,200 yen) with character designs.

The Tokyo venue will be open at BOX cafe & space Lumine Est Shinjuku store (Shinjuku Ward) from August 1st to September 16th, the Osaka venue will be open at kawara CAFE & DINING Shinsaibashi store (Chuo Ward, Osaka) from August 29th to October 6th, and the Aichi venue will be open at kawara CAFE & DINING Nagoya PARCO store (Naka Ward, Nagoya) from August 22nd to September 29th.