All PreCure Exhibition: Valuable exhibits to be auctioned off for charity

It has been revealed that Parco will be holding a charity auction of valuable exhibits from the "All PreCure Exhibition ~20th Anniversary Memories~," an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular anime series "PreCure."

132 exhibits will be on display, including 20th anniversary collaboration jewelry, Nishijin textile obi belts, and character setting drawings covering the first series "Futari wa Pretty Cure" to the 20th series "HIROGAWA SKY! Precure" to the 20th series, and 132 other items will be on display. Proceeds from the charity auction, after deducting the necessary expenses for the auction, will be donated to the authorized NPO National Support Center for Children's Cafeteria, Musubiue. The auction started on July 11 on a special website.

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