The Quintessential Quintuplets: First official picture book "Itsutsugo-chan and Pancakes" to be released Revealing the quintuplets' childhood for the first time

It has been announced that the first official picture book of Negi Haruba 's popular romantic comedy manga "The Quintessential Quintuplets", "Itsutsugo-chan and Pancakes (Kodansha), will be released on September 12th. It will depict episodes from the childhood of the Nakano quintuplets. The childhood of the quintuplets has been depicted in the original work, but the picture book will depict episodes of the quintuplets before they started elementary school, which were not depicted in the original work. As a "bonus", the Nakano family's secret pancake recipe will also be revealed for the first time.

The story is entirely original, with the quintuplets' memories of pancakes and their mother as the hook, and was written and supervised by Haruba. Masumi Asano, who is active as a voice actress under the name Masumi Asano, wrote the text, and Monaka wrote the illustrations.

The price is 1,500 yen.