SASUKE: First ever world championship to be held, 35 people from 5 countries compete in team matches

It has been announced that the first ever world championship for the large-scale sports variety show "SASUKE" on TBS will be held. Titled "SASUKE World Cup 2024," it will be broadcast on the station from 6:30 pm on August 21.

"SASUKE" is broadcast in 165 countries and regions around the world, with local versions produced in over 25 countries. This time, 35 people selected to represent Japan, the United States, Germany, France, and Australia will compete. Teams of five people, four men and one woman, compete in a total of four stages, and the winning country will be decided in a knockout format in which the lower-ranked teams are eliminated at each stage.

Three teams will be participating from Japan: "JAPAN Red" led by "Sasuke-kun" Yusuke Morimoto; "JAPAN Blue" led by two-time perfect winner Yuji Urushihara; and "JAPAN Legend" including Makoto Nagano and others.