Kimi ni Todoke: The first anime sequel in 13 years, "3RD SEASON," will be released on Netflix on August 1st Opening theme by imase

It has been announced that the third season of the anime "Kimi ni Todoke," based on the popular manga by Karuho Shiina, will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix from August 1. This will be the first sequel in about 13 years since the second season aired from January to March 2011.

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The second PV, which depicts the love stories of Sawako and Kazehaya, Ayane and Chizuru, as they begin to move forward with the school trip, has been released on YouTube. It was also announced that singer-songwriter imase will be in charge of the opening theme "Et cetera." In the second PV, a part of the OP was released for the first time.

Imase commented, "It's a wonderful work that carefully depicts not only Sawako and Kazehaya, but also the love lives and friendships of those around them, and their growth in high school life, so I wrote the song while reminiscing about when I was a student. I wish I could have had a sparkling romance like that too! Some of the lyrics link to the anime, so I hope you enjoy the work and the theme song together! Let's all watch 'Kimi ni Todoke' and get our hearts racing!"

"Kimi ni Todoke" is a manga that was serialized in "Bessatsu Margaret" (Shueisha) from 2005 to 2017. The story follows Sawako Kuronuma, nicknamed "Sadako" for her gloomy appearance with her long black hair and pale skin, as she opens up through friendship and romance with popular Shota Kazehaya and her friends. The total circulation of the 30 volumes of the manga is over 36 million copies.

The first TV anime season aired from October 2009 to March 2010, and the second season from January to March 2011. For the third season, voice actors Mamiko Noto as Sawako Kuronuma and Daisuke Namikawa as Shota Kazehaya will reprise their roles. Kenichi Matsuzawa will be the director and Production I.G will produce.