Sound! Euphonium: 8th year Keihan Railway collaboration Theme is graduation

It has been announced that a collaboration project between the anime "Sound! Euphonium," based on the novel by Ayano Takeda, and Keihan Electric Railway, "Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2024," will begin on August 1st. The series has collaborated with Keihan Electric Railway in the past, and this year, marking the eighth year, a new main visual for the project has been created with the theme of "graduation." With Keihan Railway Uji Station in the background, a visual has been released depicting Kumiko and the other third-year students on their graduation day. The electronic signboard is designed with the words "And then the next train starts running."

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Sound! Euphonium Location Tour Map, which includes scenes from the series in Uji City and elsewhere, will be distributed at major Keihan train stations and various locations in Uji City. In addition to the classic spots, a digital stamp rally will also be held, which includes new spots that appeared in the third season of the anime.

In addition to being able to enjoy station announcements by the characters, life-size panels of the characters will be on display at Chushojima Station, Obaku Station, and Uji Station. A wrapped train will be in operation on the Otsu Line until March 31, 2025.