Sunrise World: Ikebukuro renovated, Yokohama and Hakata to open Visual of 30 robots gathered together revealed

New Sunrise World facilities, which will exhibit production materials and toys from Sunrise's anime, will open in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Hakata.

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Sunrise World TOKYO at Ikebukuro Sunshine City will be renovated on July 13th, and Sunrise World YOKOHAMA will open at Yokohama World Porters on July 20th, and Sunrise World HAKATA will open at Canal City Hakata on July 27th.

To commemorate the opening, the museum will exhibit a large tapestry of original visuals featuring robots from 30 Sunrise brand works, such as "Space Runaway Ideon," "Aura Battler Dunbine," and "Heavy Metal L-Gaim Gaim," as well as autographed illustrations from creators and a character height chart.