Chiikawa: Odaiba Bouken Ou "Chiikawa Adventure" original goods all unveiled - Chiikawa and friends become pirates!

At Fuji TV's large-scale summer event "Odaiba Bouken Ou 2024 ~ Popular People Ai LAND ~", an area where you can experience the world of the TV anime "Chiikawa" will open, "Chiikawa Adventure". Original goods designed with the theme of "Chiikawa became a pirate" have been unveiled. They will be sold at the event's limited shop "Chiikawa Shop".

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The lineup includes mascots of Chiikawa and friends wearing pirate hats (1,980 yen each), stickers with the image of Chiikawa posters (385 yen each), and die-cut cushions with the design of Chiikawa stuck in a barrel (2,750 yen each). New merchandise for the anime "Chiikawa" will also be released, including acrylic key chains with charms, stickers made of cut-out pieces that can be attached to smartphones, square magnets, and clear files.

If you purchase merchandise worth 3,000 yen or more, you will receive one clear card (5 types in total) featuring illustrations from "Chiikawa Adventure" as a limited-time novelty.

The Chiikawa Odaiba store will be open from July 20th to August 25th at Fujisan Terrace on the 7th floor of the Fuji Television headquarters in the free area. Business hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

In the "Chiikawa Adventure" area, visitors can enjoy a curling game with a giant pancake on which the pirate Chiikawa sits, a mysterious maze made of mirrors, and a mini-game where they can experience the "harvesting" of the Chiikawa s' labor. There will also be a photo spot featuring Chiikawa and Hachiware versions of the Dream Tomica SP Chiikawa toy from Takara Tomy. Special offers will also be given out to visitors.

"Odaiba Bouken Ou 2024 ~ Eye LAND for Popular People ~" will be held from July 20th to August 25th at Fuji Television headquarters (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and the surrounding areas of Odaiba and Aomi.