All About Suomi: Seto Koji, Miyazawa Emma, ​​and Tozuka Junki appear in the film directed by Mitani Koki and starring Nagasawa Masami Trailer also released

It was revealed on July 9th that actors Koji Seto, Emma Miyazawa, ​​and Junki Tozuka will appear as three key characters who hold the keys to the story of "All About Suomi" (released September 13th), the latest work by director Koki Mitani and starring Masami Nagasawa. Seto plays Morio Koiso, a capable subordinate of detective Kusano (Hidetoshi Nishijima), Miyazawa plays Azami, an elusive woman who is always close to Suomi, and Tozuka plays Naotora Okkotsu, a caretaker for the artist Samukawa (Bando Yajuro).

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The story is a suspense comedy about the true identity of Suomi, the wife of a wealthy man played by Nagasawa, who suddenly disappears. Upon learning of her disappearance, the five men who loved her gather at her husband's mansion. They are the hot-blooded gardener Uoyama (Kenichi Endo), the shady YouTuber Tokachi (Tori Matsuzaka Tori), the passionate police officer Ugajin (Takashi Kobayashi), the neurotic detective Kusano (Nishijima), and her current husband Samukawa (Yajuro), a selfish artist. All of them are husbands who loved Suomi, and the image they each give of her is completely different in both appearance and personality.

This is Mitani's ninth film, and his first in about five years since "Hit Me Anyone One More Time" in 2019. This is the first time Nagasawa has starred in a film directed by Mitani. Mitani says he "wrote" Nagasawa's character specifically for this role.

A trailer featuring musical scenes of the all-star cast singing and dancing, as well as a poster visual featuring the entire cast, have also been released.