Blue Box: Refreshing Summer! Second teaser visual released

The second teaser visual for the TV anime "Blue Box," based on the popular manga by Kouji Miura, currently being serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), has been released. The visual gives off a refreshing summer vibe, with the three characters, Taiki Inomata, Chinatsu Kano, and Hina Chono, sporting gentle smiles.

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An event for the series was held at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Chiba Shoya, who plays Taiki Inomata Daiki, Akari Kito Shoya Chiba, who plays Hina Chono, and Shu Murakoshi Shu from the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department appeared at the event. A special video made for the event was shown. A message from Reina Ueda, who plays Chinatsu Kano was also introduced.

"Blue Box" is set at Eimei Gakuen, a powerhouse of sports throughout junior and senior high school, and is a youthful club love story in which Taiki Inomata, a member of the boys' badminton club, falls in love with Chinatsu Kano, a senior member of the girls' basketball club. The story delicately depicts the dedication of life-sized characters as they devote themselves to club activities with their own feelings in mind, and the emotional nuances of "falling in love with someone." The series began serialization in April 2021 in "Weekly Shonen Jump."

The anime will be produced by Telecom Animation Films and will air on TBS affiliates every Thursday at 11:56pm starting in October.