Black Butler: Long break ahead of climax Yana Toboso "I'll come back in top condition"

It has been announced that Yana Toboso 's popular manga Black Butler, which is also adapted into a TV anime, will be going on an extended hiatus starting with the August issue of the magazine it is serialized in, G Fantasy (Square Enix), which goes on sale on July 18th. The announcement was made in the July issue of the magazine, which went on sale on June 18th. Author Toboso explained, "I will be taking a slightly longer maintenance break!" "I will be taking this time to get my mind and body in shape, while also carrying out the necessary research and preparations for the climax of Black Butler." She continued, "I will be returning in top condition, so I hope you will wait for me for a little while longer." The date for the resumption of serialization will be announced as soon as it is decided. During the hiatus, past serialized episodes will be republished.

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"Black Butler" is a manga that has been serialized in "Monthly G Fantasy" since September 2006. Set in the prestigious British aristocratic family, the Phantomhive family, the story depicts the exploits of Sebastian, the perfect butler who serves his spoiled 13-year-old master, Ciel.

The TV anime series has also gained popularity, with the first season airing from October 2008 to March 2009, followed by "Black Butler II" from July to September 2010 and "Black Butler Book of Circus" from July to September 2014. The movie version, "Black Butler Book of the Atlantic", was released in January 2017. A live-action movie starring Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Goriki was also released in 2014.

The new TV anime series "Black Butler: Public School Arc", the first in about 10 years, has been airing on TOKYO MX and other channels since April and is also generating a lot of buzz.