Shinkalion: New TV anime "Shinkalion: Change the World" launch Teaser released

It has been announced that a new TV anime "Shinkalion: Change the World" will be produced in the ``Shinkalion'' anime series, in which Shinkansen trains transform into robots. The new work will be produced by Signal MD and Production IG. Following the previous series, SMDE will handle the CG animation. A new logo and teaser video were also released.

The teaser video begins with a scene in which a young sister and brother look at the E5 Shinkansen while singing the children's song ``The railroad continues forever''. A hand holding up a card key with the words ``ERDA (Evolution Railway Development Agency)'' on it was shown, along with a boy who appears to be the main character. In the boy's eyes, he could also see a machine that looked like Shinkalion.